Size: 10ml Roll on


 Settles brain waves back to normal patterns and improves scholastic and behavorial issues. We created this Roll on at a kid safe level, great for the young and old alike. Blend was created using several published studies.


Study: There was a case study published in the American Medical Association Journal by Dr. Terry Friedman M.D. that found significant results when children who were previously diagnosed with ADD/ADHD inhaled essential oils of Vetiver, Cedarwood Atlas, and Lavender France (Eureka).


          The inhalation of oils proved to settle the children�s brain waves back into normal patterns and improved their scholastic performance and behavioral patterns. Some final results were:

                             Lavender increased performance by 53%

                             Cedarwood Atlas increased performance by 83%

                             Vetiver increased performance by 100%

The combined blend overall improved attention span in test subjects 65-100%.


ADHD and Essential Oils


The principle behind aromatherapy is that certain naturally occurring chemicals contained within essential oils can be used to treat a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional disorders. The success of these essential oils arises from the fact that they stimulate parts of the body that are not functioning properly, restoring the body to its natural state. Recent scientific studies have confirmed the presence of certain key chemicals in essential oils that may react with the nervous, muscular system, and all other systems of the body to encourage healing.

Aromatherapy treatments tend to differ for each individual. The correct oil or blend is best determined with a Clinical Consultation between Aromatherapist & client. We do know that some essential oils appear to be especially effective for the person with ADD or ADHD because of their well-known properties.


Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) France: It is often effective in producing a slight sedative effect, causing a person to calm down & relax.


Cedarwood Atlas (Cedrus atlantica) Morocco: This oil is thought to stimulate the central nervous system, it is also very grounding.


Vetiver (Andropogon zizanoides) Java: Very calming and grounding. Can improve concentration.

Eureka Roll On (ADHD)


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